Apex Dual Orin Software Release Note#

Version Recommendations and Concept Explanation#

  • For users who prioritize stability, reliability, and long-term support, it is recommended to choose the Long-Term Support (LTS) version.

  • For users who wish to try out the latest features and are willing to accept potential risks, they can choose the Non-LTS version.

Non-LTS Version#

The Non-LTS version is a product image version that offers the latest features and improvements. It quickly follows the updates of Nvidia Jetpack but does not guarantee long-term maintenance and differences between versions.

The Non-LTS version has the following characteristics:

  • Latest features: The Non-LTS version includes the latest features, improvements, and optimizations, allowing users to experience new product features in advance.

  • Product testing: The Non-LTS version undergoes product testing before release to ensure its basic functionality and performance meet the standards.

  • No guaranteed version differences: The differences between Non-LTS versions can be significant, and no explicit version difference description is provided.

  • Longer error fixing time: For errors discovered in the Non-LTS version, the fixing time may be longer, depending on the complexity and priority of the issue.

  • Short-term support: The Non-LTS version does not have a long-term maintenance plan, and the support duration is relatively short.

Long-Term Support (LTS) Version#

The Long-Term Support (LTS) version is a stable, reliable, and continuously supported product image version. It has clear version differences, quick error fixes, and a long maintenance cycle.

The LTS version has the following qualities:

  • Stability: The LTS version undergoes rigorous testing and verification to ensure its stability in terms of functionality, performance, and compatibility.

  • Controllable changes: Changes in the LTS version are controllable, and the differences between each version are explicitly documented in the version notes.

  • Clear version differences: The differences between LTS versions are clear and straightforward, allowing users to choose the appropriate version based on their needs.

  • Rapid error fixing: For errors discovered in the LTS version, the development team responds quickly and provides fixes or patches.

  • Long-term support: The LTS version has a longer maintenance cycle, during which users can receive continuous technical support and updates.


LTS: 5.1.2#

Non-LTS: Other#

LTS Release Note#


Release Date#


Release Target#

First official release of Apex Dual Orin.

Non-LTS Release Note#