Apex Dual Orin SYNC_IN#

Hardware Connection#

The main purpose of SYNC IN is to accept GPS PPS signal input. Cooperate with the GPRMC information received by the serial port to achieve the timing of the system through the external GPS.

Function Label

Pin Label

Hardware Specification#




0-12V(Logic High 1V-12V, Logic Low 0V-0.8V)


Sync in Method#

Sensors with sync-in mode could generate a signal at the beginning of data acquisition. MiiVii device receives this signal and records its rising edge moment. After data acquisition, MiiVii device associates received data with the signal’s rising edge moment as data timestamp. Thus, MiiVii device system obtains data acquisition time.

Figure Sync in Method Schematic (10Hz)

Synchronization Verification:

Print the signal’s timestamp received by SYNC_IN pin. Compare this timestamp with system time of frame received (ros::time::now). If the difference is less than 100 ms, it means sync-in method is functional.