Lite NX简介 Brief

米文Lite NX是一款专为智能图像分析设计的嵌入式人工智能计算机,能够为众多终端设备赋予高达21Tops的计算力。Lite NX提供高效能的被动散热设计,能够在宽温的工作条件下稳定运行。同时Lite NX可以满足抗振防雷等工业标准,为整体方案的安全稳定保驾护航。为了满足场景的需求,Lite NX特别设计了多路PoE+接口,方便现场布线以及供电传感器的应用。

MiiVii Lite NX is an embedded AI supercomputer. It delivers massive computing capabilities and essential features to terminal devices. High performance passive cooling design enables Lite NX working in wide temperature range. With shock resistance and TVS, ESD protection, Lite NX is suitable for industrial usage. In addition, Lite NX is equipped with multiple PoE+ port which make it easier for field deployment.

特性 Features

  • 高效被动散热设计

High performance passive cooling

  • -20℃-60℃工作温度

-20℃-60℃ Operating temperature

  • IP5X防护等级

IP5X Protection

  • 工业级防雷,防静电

Industrial level lighting and static protection

  • 8路百兆PoE+接口,带有交换机功能。支持IEEE802.3at协议

8×PoE+ 100M Port,IEEE802.3at protocol

产品规格 Specifications

处理器模组 Processor


NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

AI PerformanceUp to 21T OPS
CPU6-Core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2 64 bit CPU 6MB L2 + 4MB L3
GPU384-Core Volta GPU with 48 Tensor Cores
Memory8GB 128-Bit LPDDR4x 59.7GB/s
DL Accelerator2×NV DLA Engines
Storage16GB eMMC 5.1

Video Encode

2x 4Kp60
4x 4Kp30
10x 1080p60
22x 1080p30

2x 4Kp60
4x 4Kp30
10x 1080p60
20x 1080p30

Video Decode

2x 8Kp30
6x 4Kp60
12x 4Kp30
22x 1080p60
44x 1080p30

2x 4Kp60
6x 4Kp30
10x 1080p60
22x 1080p30

接口 I/O

Function KeyRecovery Button1
Network/CameraEthernet1×Gigabit Port
8×PoE+ 100M Port
PoE+ IEEE 802.3at protocol
single port maximum output 30W
Video outputHDMI1×HDMI 2.0 TYPE A5V 1A
1×USB 2.0 TYPE A
USB 5V, 1A
Lower USB as a Flashing Port
DB9 Terminal
User ExpansionM.21×M.2 M Key2280 SIZE NVME SSD
Mini PCle1
Nano SIM Socket1For Nano SIM Card

供电 Power Supply

Power SupplySpec
Input TypeDC
Input Voltage52V DC
Typical consumption30W

结构 Mechanical

Dimensions (W×H×D)178mm×55mm×110mm (I/O ports and mounting holes excluded)

环境 Environmental

Operating Temperature-20℃-60℃, 0.2~0.3m/s air flow1
Storage Temperature-25℃-80℃
Storage Humidity10%-90% non-condensing
Vibration5gn,10Hz~150Hz,3 Axis2
ESDTouch 6KV, Air 8KV3
LightingPower 6KV5

认证 Certification

CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, SRRCProcessing

[1]  According to GB/T 2423-2008
[2]  According to GB/T 2423.10-2008
[3]  According to IEC 61000-4-2,Level 3
[4]  According to IEC 61000-4-5,Level 3
[5]  According to GB/T3482-2008

产品外观 Appearance

正视图 Front view侧视图 Side view

俯视图 Top view后视图 Rear view

尺寸及安装 Install Dimension

Lite NX主体尺寸及安装孔位尺寸如图:

Dimensions and mounting hole position as below:

俯视图 Up view(Unit:mm)

主视图 Front view(Unit:mm)

左视图 Left view(Unit:mm)

安装孔位图1 Mounting Hole(Unit:mm)

安装孔位图2 Mounting Hole(Unit:mm)